About The Broody Chick

Hey, y’all!  My name is Lisa and I recently decided that it would be fun to call myself The Broody Chick. I am definitely not known by that name, but I think it sounds a bit more interesting than the name I was given at birth. Apologies to my parents.


I was born & raised in Alabama, but after getting married, moved across the river (literally) to Georgia, and this is where I hope to stay until death do us part.

This chick has a BS & Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education…I have about $70,000 in student loans to pay off. I have not worked in 11 years and have absolutely zero plans of ever working again.  Working in general has just never really been my thing.

I’ve been happily married to Mike for almost 14 years. I’m thinking about changing his name to Rooster……YES. I think that sounds kind-of sexy.

Rooster and I have six children–5 girls and 1 precious, sad-that-he’s-the-only-one, boy–and we have one more on the way.  I don’t think I have the energy to rename them today.

We homeschool! But, I’m not really good at it yet.  I’ve only been doing it for 8 years. My life needs flexibility….too much structure and rigid schedules make me a wreck…too little structure and no schedule at all make me a bigger wreck. I’m still working all of this out. Pray for my children.

We live on a small farm and have 3 horses, 2 goats, a dog, a cat, a kitten, several rabbits, about 15 hens, 2 roosters, and 20 new baby chicks. And yes…the hens do get broody….I think they get it from me.

The things I love the most are being pregnant with no side effects…(still waiting to try that one on for size), not knowing the gender of the baby until he or she comes OUT, the excitement of knowing that one day he or she will come OUT, Disney World, chickens, sleeping for many hours, makeup, trying to wear false eyelashes (I’ve just recently added this hobby), date night with Rooster, Jesus (he should be at the top of this list and so should date night with Rooster), cold weather, Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale, Chardonnay, my worn-in-college-during years 2000-2003, size 4 “dirty” Abercrombie jeans that I leave in the top of my closet just in case…, a CLEAN house, my sweet, crazy, hilarious, children who do not get enough spankings (they should be at the top, too), and there’s lots more, but you’re probably starting to get worried that this may never end.

I love laughing, hate crying, and am not at all sarcastic.

I really don’t love using exclamation marks because it makes me feel like I’m being loud….I am not a fan of LOUD!(cringe)…… but I do use them from time to time when I really want you to think that I’m excited or something.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me and make lots and lots of comments because I forgot to list that I really love quiet, adult conversation.  😊😊😊 And emojis.

My email address is thebroodychick@gmail.com and I love receiving non-computer generated mail.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  It really makes me excited!  😉