Why I No Longer Vaccinate My Children.

This is about to stir the pot.  I’m excited.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a child with an ear infection. Raise your hand if that child had to go to the pediatrician & be put on antibiotics. And did they have to get tubes??

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a child that never once had to go to the doctor….has never had an infection of any kind, which means never has had to take an antibiotic.

Most moms I know could never raise their hand. And in the beginning of my mothering career, neither could I.

I have 6 children ages 12, 10, 7, 5, 4, and 18 months. I was like most moms and vaccinated my first 3 children. Here’s the short story.


Maggie, Lola, and Jack were all vaccinated. Maggie and Lola got their vaccinations up until they were 5 years old.  Jack only received them through his first year, so his 12 month shots were his last. I accidentally thankfully got behind.


Maggie, Lola, and Jack all have tubes due to multiple ear infections throughout their first year of life. I was at the pediatrician’s office ALL.THE.TIME. for ear infections…sinus infections…and they all received tubes before their first birthday. They all nursed until after they were a year old, as well, but that didn’t build up their immunity like everyone said it would.

Molly, Maddie Wallace, and Jillian have a very different story.


Molly received a vaccination after birth and all the routine ones at her 2 month well check. Maddie Wallace received a vaccination after birth only, and Jillian has never had any vaccinations whatsoever.

Out of those 3, Molly was the sickest as a baby. She was jaundice (but that’s normal for my babies) and got croup one time when she was about a year old and had to receive breathing treatments. That was her only visit to the pediatrician.


Maddie Wallace had reflux, but has never been on an antibiotic. I had to take her to the doctor once for the reflux, but never again. She was a happy spitter and never lost weight, so basically it was just a laundry situation for me.


Molly and Maddie Wallace also never threw up due to a stomach virus until they were over two years old. When my older kids would catch something, it just didn’t get to them somehow, which may be just a coincidence.

Jillian, however, has never been to the doctor. She’s never had any health issues whatsoever, except for jaundice and out of all my kids, she had it the very easiest.  She was only treated with phototherapy during her second and third day of life.  She’s had colds, but fought them off in just a matter of days. She’s never had an infection, never needed an antibiotic…she’s been the healthiest child by far.


So, why am I telling you this?

Well, go back & re-read my post. My first three children stayed sick. Had to have a medical procedure due to being so sick. My last three haven’t ever been on an antibiotic. That’s not the “norm”, y’all.

**And for the record, I am not against prescription medication.  I’m not a mother who only chooses natural remedies to treat illnesses.  I do give my children over the counter medications, when needed.  But this post is about vaccinations….not medications.”**

We do homeschool, but my kids are around other kids every week. They are around germs all the time. They go grocery shopping with me & sit in a buggy that other kids have sat in. They go off with Rooster all the time.  My big kids have been in Auburn every weekend for the football games. They are in church.  They are exposed just as much as kids that are in school & play sports…etc. I don’t keep them in a bubble, I promise.

In my opinion, these facts are kind-of eye opening. My first three couldn’t fight off infections at all–EVER. My last three have had no infections–EVER. Their immune systems are completely different.  My non-vaccinated kids are healthier.  Their bodies are stronger when it comes to fighting illnesses.  Their bodies can do what their bodies were designed to do…their bodies can heal themselves.  For them, the result of getting sick is getting stronger.

Here’s where I’m going to stir the pot a bit…don’t get your panties in a wad.  Just try to be open-minded.  I’m not going to show scientific evidence, graphs, charts…etc.  You can google this subject and get a plethora of information for yourself.

Okay.  Here we go.

If you Google “childhood vaccines”, about 28,100,000 results will pop up.  I didn’t make up that number.  The pressure to be vaccinated is unreal.  Parents who choose to not vaccinate are looked at as being radical, uneducated, irresponsible, idiotic, careless, reckless, abusive…. it’s ridiculous.  But the parent who allows someone to inject their child with an absolutely unknown substance is called loving, responsible, and smart.

I look at it as being naive.

What are you feeding your baby if you mash up a banana for them? You know what you’re feeding your baby.  They’re getting a banana.  Nothing else, other than a heap load vitamins and minerals.  But what “ingredients” specifically are in vaccinations?  I mean, what exactly is being injected into our baby’s tiny body?  We have NO clue.  I mean, it could be poison for all we know, but we just let it happen because it’s recommended by medical professionals and everyone else does it.  We go crazy insane if our child finds a berry bush and eats a couple of berries because we don’t know if they were poisonous or not….how do we know that vaccinations aren’t poisoning our bodies in some way?  We don’t, people!  Think about it.

(If you look up the ingredients in any given vaccine, you are going to get a list. A scary, scary list. Just go look up any vaccine. The list includes preservatives and more of extremely toxic chemicals. And what if those lists aren’t even complete? Or true? The point is, that even with a list, you don’t know the truth.)

If we weren’t sick, didn’t get infections, didn’t need antibiotics or treatments of any kind…etc…why would we ever need to see a doctor?  We wouldn’t.

If doctors didn’t have patients, they wouldn’t have a practice.  If they didn’t have patients who received annual vaccines or needed antibiotics or prescription medications, they wouldn’t need pharmaceutical reps.  If pharmaceutical companies didn’t have clients, they wouldn’t make money.  If they couldn’t make money, they would close down.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

The field of medicine needs us to keep getting sick or stay sick to make money.  They need us to be dependent on them until the day we die.  I’m sorry, y’all, but that’s just the way I see it.

My dad is a nurse, the aunt that I’ve been closest to my entire life and love too much is a nurse. My closest cousin, her daughter, is a nurse, and my amazing grandmother, my dad’s mother, was Head of Nurses. Rooster and I have two close friends who are doctors. One is General practice and one is a physical therapist. We are literally surrounded in love with those who are professionals in the medical field. I hold the utmost respect for them. I did what they did…thought what they thought…reacted totally differently until I saw things I’d never seen before in my own children. That’s what has made me believe the unthinkable.

I truly feel that this all starts with that first vaccination a newborn baby gets just minutes after he or she is born. Once that vaccine is administered, it’s like their little body is dependent on medicine for the long term.  I’m not a scientist or a doctor, but I am a mom who has done research and am seeing this stuff with my own eyes.

When I was a little girl, they didn’t have a chicken pox vaccine.  I just caught the virus, ran a fever, itched like crazy, fought the virus, and got well.  Getting the chicken pox made my body have no choice other than to heal itself.  I didn’t die or have to be hospitalized.  But now, they are injecting our kids with some mixture of chemicals that is supposed to prevent a sickness that, if naturally given the opportunity, would actually help build up their immune system.

But why did they even create this vaccine that was never needed before in healthy children??  Could it be that due to modern medicine and the newly added childhood vaccines, our children’s bodies have become so weakened that getting the chicken pox could make someone way sicker than I was in the 1980’s?  Even become fatal?  And the flu shot.  Why did they create a flu shot?  Because our bodies aren’t strong enough, y’all.  And it’s not because the flu has gotten so much stronger or the chicken pox virus has exploded…it’s because our bodies have gotten weaker.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and have the capability of doing so. In fact, they are constantly, in every minute of every day, healing from the inside out. Google it.  Drugs and surgeries are sometimes necessary to bring about the optimal conditions for this self-healing to occur, but drugs and/or surgery don’t “heal” anyone if the body isn’t capable of healing itself after being given the medication or after having the surgery. All healing is an inside job, and can be enhanced in various ways as it occurs from the inside-out. Your capacity to heal is greater than modern medicine would have you believe and your child’s capacity to heal is no different, but things change when our immune systems are compromised at a very young age.

For the majority of people in 2017, prescription medications are their go-to way of fighting illness. Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that are supposed to keep people “healthier.” But do they? America has the most highly vaccinated population in the history of the world, and ranks frighteningly low in parameters of health and infant survival, but extremely high in medical expenditure.  Y’all, this does not make any sense.  We should all be super heroes.

I have been on one side of the fence, I have sat on the fence, and I jumped to the other side of the fence because I saw a difference in the health of my children when they were not vaccinated.  I am not a doctor and I hardly know it all.  I’m not even saying that I’m totally right when arguing my case.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who could knock me down over and over and over again.  But, I would get back up and go with my gut on this one because I just believe it is what it is.

For me and Rooster, the much more narrow, unpopular, and untraveled road is the direction we have chosen to take.  Stirring the pot is kind-of like our default.  It’s unintentionally just what we sometimes do because of the decisions that we make.  But we know why we do what we do.  We have reasons that we have seriously contemplated and thought about.  It has taken years of seeing and doing to put us on this path.  We have learned through experience, which has been our best teacher.

By all means, do what you feel is best for your family, but know why you are doing it.  Don’t just do something because everyone else is.  The big decisions in life are worth making sure that you’re making the right decision for those you love the most.

If you didn’t get your panties in a wad after reading this, I thank you.  If you did, now would be the time to straighten them out.  🙂


About The Broody Chickhttp://www.thebroodychick.comI'm just a broody, southern pregnant girl who gets excited about pregnancy & being a mother & all the stuff that goes along with it. 😊

2 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Vaccinate My Children.

  1. You have me up on the fence from the “dark” side on the majority of vaccines, but my toe still drag on a few. Love you angel and I’m so proud of you! You are an incredible mom!


  2. Thank you, Daddy! I appreciate you reading my post. I come from your background, but I just have entered a different dimension because of what I’ve experienced personally with your angels. 🙂


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