I Know it’s only October, but our Elf on the Shelf Is COMING SOON!

The Elf on the Shelf is BIG TIME in our family. Our elf arrived when our first born was three years old, so that was 9 years ago. Geez louise.

Maggie, our first born, named our elf.  His name is…………..(like I think this needs to be as suspenseful as it can be…………….) Okay, enough. I’ll just let you just take a guess. So, come on….just take a guess.

If you guessed “Elfie”, then you are CORRECT! However, I bet half of all the elves in the entire world share the same name.

Elfie started out as a sitter. A proper little quiet elf who was very sweet and polite and actually sat on a shelf or in the Christmas tree….He made no fuss for two years!, but that started getting boring…not for my children however, but for me.

I opened up a can of worms the night I cut Elfie’s stitched little hands apart.

He started doing more than just sitting…Mama’s…you’ve seen all the pins on Pinterest. You know what I’m talking about.

But every year, it has to get better. My kids expect it.  Elfie has to get crazier and he has to make the kids cause a huge fuss Every. Single. Morning. He has to be a rascal. It’s just not worth it if he doesn’t stand up to their subconscious expectations .

A few years ago, Elfie apparently fell in love and magiced his new girlfriend to our home, with high hopes that we would love, accept, and name her.  And, Oh, yes…..we did.  We did way more than that, but never mind all of those details.  Her name is Jane and they are now married. Yes, there was a ceremony. With a wedding gown and a wedding party…Santa was the Best Man. I so wish I had the pictures to show you.  I did take them and if I can find those jewels, I will update this post ASAP.  Cause it’s hilarious.

But now, my kids are wondering when Jane is going to have a baby………………I just tell them they have to wait and see. Keyword=Wait. I have yet to figure that one out. If you know of baby elves on the shelves, let me know, please.  I beg you.

HOWEVER, I have decided this year is going to be the big year for our elves because just like me, Jane is going to be pregnant! I can handle that. I think. I mean, I’m working on it. Yes, y’all….I won’t let you down.  I hope.

I will post pictures each night for Christmas 2017, but until then, here are some of the things that our elves have done in Christmas’s past…

The first few are when Elfie was just a bachelor. He was so handsome, but not so creative in the beginning.

Yipee from the Reindeer!…………..BOOOOORRING.

And Elfie’s at the spa……….so what?  Men deserve to get pampered.  I don’t think Rooster would turn away a free professional massage.  And this one was free.

Who wouldn’t hide-to-be-found in a paper towel roll?  As long as I can still use the paper towels that are left, Rooster is good.

I’m sorry, but after having higher expectations, this is also so BORING.  But, it’s one of the pictures I had.  I’m guessing that this was an “oh, no!  I forgot to move the elves!” result.

Our elves are bendable and their hats come off…this happened around year 4.

I also own about 54,000 Madame Alexander dolls, so they dress up. A LOT. Just wait.

He dressed up as Peter Pan. And that’s Wendy. And that’s Big Ben……….Sort of.

SO…….now you can meet Jane!

It was a magical year when she came to our home..but She was a bad influence from the start…

Oh, but this day was a hit.

And for the LOvE of Minecraft, people.

The craziness that can go on in the pantry…


And when the flu entered our house in 2014….


What a time it was for Rooster and the Broody Chick and her kids….Elfie and Jane so felt our pain.

But, Oh…..they move throughout the day now, too….this proves that they are REALLY magic.

So, I really am looking forward to Thanksgiving Day, which is when they arrive.

I’m going to post every crazy, ridiculous thing they do.  Stay in tuned…..You won’t be disappointed.


***Update! The Elves arrived last night and we have some surprises!!

Elfie and Jane arrived safely and we found her riding on the back of our reindeer…and she has gained some weight. Her clothes are not looking the same and she was glowing…

Jane is expecting! She’s showing and everything. The kids are so excited. They are hoping that she’ll go into labor any minute, but that just isn’t gonna happen. Baby elf will arrive sometime after Christmas and we’ll meet their little one next Thanksgiving.

Elfie looks pretty stoked about the situation. Of course, he looks stoked about everything.

Wonder what in the world they will do tonight. Stay tuned!

About The Broody Chickhttp://www.thebroodychick.comI'm just a broody, southern pregnant girl who gets excited about pregnancy & being a mother & all the stuff that goes along with it. 😊

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