Halloween Fun…the Beginning of the End

We love Halloween.  But he moment Rooster gets out the decorations, life as we know it is pretty much over until after Christmas.

Why is that!?!? I mean, Rooster got all the bins out of the attic & I loaded it all on the table & the kids just went bonkers.

They see this stuff every year. And they still act like they’ve never seen anything like it before. It is utter craziness on Halloween decorating night.

Here are a few pictures from years past…

Okay, this next picture is not from Halloween. It was just a regular day & I decided to dry Molly’s hair & brush all the curls to see how it would look. But, she would make a perfect Annie for Halloween, right??

We use that Bunny costume like every year for one of them. Jillian is wearing it this year. Aren’t we being practical!? Or maybe just cheap…

So serious…

Star Wars costumes have been too big of a hit for like the past three years.

The babies no longer get dressed up.  It’s just one more thing for me to do.  Poor babies.

Here are some of our traditional Halloween decorations.

The rats are my absolute favorites. I put them everywhere. Makes my house feel so sanitary.

And a little homemade from the kids never hurts.

As I said before, getting these decorations out is the beginning of absolute chaos in our home. Decorations= Time to get way too excited….for like the next 3 months.

I’m telling you, they do not calm down until after Christmas is completely over.

That’s how it was for my students–and the entire school–when I was teaching. Doing work was pretty much pointless. Some days during this time of year, I feel like doing mothering is pretty much pointless. So, maybe I should just add to the chaos.

The only time I dress up is on Snap Chat.

So, that’s all for now. Hoping that I’ll make it through the rest of this month. Here’s to Halloween!


About The Broody Chickhttp://www.thebroodychick.comI'm just a broody, southern pregnant girl who gets excited about pregnancy & being a mother & all the stuff that goes along with it. 😊

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