The Tula baby carrier…Why You Must Get One!

The Tula baby carrier saved my life after I had my last baby.  It is a crying shame that I didn’t have one when I had my first baby girl.  Or my second baby girl.  Or my baby boy.  Or my fourth or fifth baby.  A crying shame.  No, worse than a crying shame.

This is what a Tula baby carrier looks like.


They have patterns for boys…and patterns for girls….

FilenameTula 7801

And they have gender neutral patterns, which is awesome if you don’t find out the sex of your baby, like me.


Trust me when I say that you neeeeeedd one of these.  I don’t care if you are a stay at home mom, or not.  I don’t care if this is your first baby or your 10th….trust me when I tell you to invest in one….they aren’t cheap–around $150-, BUT you will realize after about a month, that they are so worth it. (If you are military, they offer a 10% discount!)


Actually, I realized after my sweet cousin, Olivia, loaned hers to me, I would have paid $300 + for one, considering how much I wore my baby in mine, which was literally, every. SINGLE. day.  Probably for at least 8 hours all together.

Just this morning, during College Game Day, I reminded Rooster (my husband) that I would be buying a new Tula after the baby arrives….or before the baby arrives…depending on my mood.  He was like, “oh, yeah….you need that thing for sure.”  Either he knew the truth, or was so in-thralled with football that he never even heard a word I was saying & just answered me subconsciously.   But now I have free reign to buy one when I want..    I love you, Rooster!

SO, back to my love for the Tula.  I wore my Tula All. The. Time.  I cooked in it.  I cleaned in it.  I fed horses and chickens in it.  I played with my kids in it.  I sat down and ate my breakfast or lunch or dinner, OR all three! in it.  It went with me everywhere I went.  If I was at a family function, like Thanksgiving, I wore it.  (and if you don’t want people holding your baby, the Tula is PERFECT because most people don’t ask you to take them out of a carrier.  That would be weird.  And rude, in my opinion.)

And the GROCERY STORE!  I can’t tell you one time that I didn’t have a successful grocery trip when I was wearing Jillian in the Tula.  It’s like two miracles strapped to your front.  Seriously.

Then one day, one of my closest friends, Emily, came over and was like, “Omg–you aren’t wearing your baby carrier…”  So, you can see how much I wore it.

So, this is neat.  You can wear your Tula on your front…


Or you can wear your Tula on your back…


I, personally, wouldn’t wear my baby on my back until he or she was a toddler, which you can clearly see that this little girl is.

So, the TODDLER Tula!

We took our 7th trip to Disney World in May and Jillian had outgrown the baby Tula, so I bought a TODDLER Tula and it was the biggest help.  She would nap in it for 2 hours at a time.  I could ride the rides with her in it and she just loved it.  When she got fussy, I’d take her out and let her ride in the stroller for difference in scenery, but she’d go straight back in the Tula come bedtime.  Best investment ever.  Especially if you’re taking a trip with a lot of walking, like at Disney.

I will add that you can breastfeed your baby wearing your Tula.  I have done it, but not a lot.  I felt more comfortable taking her out.  I’d just work around the house or farm when she was content.  But, Jillian was still nursing when we went to Disney and I nursed her one time a day in my Tula and no one knew what I was doing.  Rooster didn’t even know I was nursing, so yes….it works.  Cause he always knows what I’m doing.

So, get you a Tula and enjoy your baby even more!  You won’t regret it!


*Please let me add that I am not getting paid by Tula to write this post.  Everything I said here is absolutely true and my personal opinion. Tula has no idea that I even exist.  🙂

About The Broody Chickhttp://www.thebroodychick.comI'm just a broody, southern pregnant girl who gets excited about pregnancy & being a mother & all the stuff that goes along with it. 😊

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