I am the broody chick.

Instead of writing a well-thought-out post with the utmost intentions to impress you, I’ve decided that I’m just going to get right down to the point.  My name is Lisa and I love all most things about pregnancy, mothering, and everything in between.  I could write a list that could literally could go on forever…and ever…and ever….  Currently, I am 15 weeks pregnant with my seventh child.  Yes, you read that correctly… not my second…my seventh.  This is my seventh rodeo, which may sound crazy to you, or you may realize that I have nothing on Michelle Duggar.  Either way, my husband and I have six children, going on seven, and I am indeed, the broody chick.


I have been broody for ummm…..probably 15 years.  Just months after my husband and I were married in December of 2003, I was ready to start a family.   We tried for a few months–which seemed like FOREVER–and I finally got pregnant.  That pregnancy ended in a miscarriage when I was just 8 weeks.  We were both shocked and devastated.  It was very hard for us, but two months later, on Christmas Eve morning, I tested positive once again.  Maggie was born 9 months later.

As Maggie approached her first birthday, I started to have the itch again.  I was pregnant at her first birthday party and that’s pretty much how it’s been ever since.  So yeah….I’m like a human broody chicken.  I sit on eggs, 21 days later they hatch, I teach my little chicks all they need to know in the world, and a couple of months later I’m ready to go again!  Ahhh…if only it were that easy.

For me, pregnancy is not easy.  Some of my birth stories are crazy.  Mothering is HARD!  But the real “stuff” that goes on from the moment you see two pink lines is truly fascinating to me…I could talk about it all day long!  The subjects I could cover are endless!  Like morning sickness….MORNING sickness!?  What a joke.  Heartburn..restless leg syndrome…cravings…Braxton Hicks…preterm labor…hemorrhoids!….the list goes on and on, y’all.   I really can’t wait to start writing the GOOD stuff.  It’s going to get personal real quick, so hold on to your panty liners (or better yet, overnights) cause the fun is about to begin.

SO!  I am excited to start this journey.  I have so much that I want to share.  There are so many questions that I want to ask. I hope you will join me as I walk through my crazy, mind-boggaling, frustrating, and even hilarious moments about pregnancy, mothering, and everything in between.  So, here’s to being broody…Cheers, y’all!


















About The Broody Chickhttp://www.thebroodychick.comI'm just a broody, southern pregnant girl who gets excited about pregnancy & being a mother & all the stuff that goes along with it. 😊

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